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    This thread is referring to the error of the screen to add images to a gallery appearing but auto-refreshes repeatedly until you see the following error:

    Request-URI Too Large
    The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

    If you are experiencing this error, please detail the below needed information + temp. login information in a Bug Report to us here. Thanks!

    – WordPress up to date?
    – NextGEN up to date?

    (please confirm the following, with your server host tech) :
    – MySQL up to date (5.2.4)?
    – PHP up to date (5.0)?
    – The mod_rewrite Apache module activated?
    – PHP Safe Mode OFF?

    and if you’re willing to share:
    – Who are you hosted with?
    – What theme are you running?
    – Which plugins do you have installed and activated?
    – Does this error still occur if you switch your theme to the WP default, and deactivate all plugins except NextGEN Gallery? (*be sure to clear your browser cache and reload your site after deactivating)

    We will likely have a fix for this in our next upgrade, but to be sure we do – we’ll need as much information as possible from those of you who are experiencing this bug.

    *Please do not post unrelated issues in this thread. This thread is specifically for the error ‘Request URI Too Large.


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    This issue should be resolved in our most recent upgrade v1.9.11 now available for download and install!

    This problem is not resolved with this upgrade! It create it!
    This problems occurs with Chrome, but not with Opera, Firefox or Safari!

    This is still an issue for me as well, even with the most recent update.

    When I go to the Manage Gallery tab the url keep appending skipjs[1…n] until it eventually crashes.

    I’m using Google Chrome as a browser.

    That’s right, I’m using even nextgen 1.9.11 beta and have the same problem as robsdigiphos. It happens under Chrome, Firefox and Opera all latest version, but my primary browser is Chrome.

    Yes, my problem also BEGAN today, my upgrade to NGG 1.9.11. I too use Chrome as my primary browser.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Thank you for the feedback everyone 🙂

    NextGEN Gallery is detecting a jQuery library collision and therefore trying to auto-resolve, which sometimes doesn’t work. To help us with this process, could you please send us a list of all activated plugins you have installed as well as which theme you have activated in a bug report here. Please also include as much information from our list of questions in our original post above. The more information, the better. What also greatly helps our developers resolve this is to receive temporary login information to your site (please do not post those login details here in the forum, instead include that information in your bug report which is sent directly to our developers). Thanks!

    In the mean time, you can try disabling our collision detection by adding the following line to your wp-config.php file, above where it says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */



    It’s not working as it probably should I think, because adding it above where it says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ in wp-config.php cause in Opera blank page, under Chrome Error 500

    If You need, I think I can give you an access to my website so you can check that 🙂

    Same problem to me after updating to 1.9.11. I’ve added the line you suggest in wp-config but the problem is still here.

    also having the same issue, which started today as well after updating. only installed plugins are akismet, gravity forms and quick cache (installed after the issues started).

    galleries were also not working correctly. Some images would load, others would not.

    Also having the same problem after upgrading to the latest version. Is there yet an update?

    No word on an update yet. I don’t know about others but adding


    to my wp-config.php file broke my theme. :-C



    Version 1.9.11 does the same thing with our site too.

    Reverting back to previous version.

    @lilatovcocktail make sure you have a semicolon at the end of the line otherwise it will break your site.

    define(‘NGG_JQUERY_CONFLICT_D​ETECTION’, false);

    However, that fix didn’t work on my site.

    No fix for this yet I believe??

    thanks, @lime canvas. I did have the semicolon; I just lost it in the posting. I’m also reverting to the previous version. Tomorrow.

    You can disable conflict detection by changing TRUE to FALSE in nextgen-gallery > admin > admin.php line 60.

    if (!defined('NGG_JQUERY_CONFLICT_DETECTION')) {
Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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