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  1. Tech4Eleven
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Not sure how else to title this one but for as long as Ive been using WordPress, if I create a page, for example the page name is blog, it creates a permalink of siteurl/blog. standard wordpress procedure right?

    well if I need to delete that entire page for whatever reason, when I go to create a new page with the exact same name, the permalink it creates is siteurl/blog-3, for example.

    Of course I dont want the "-3." If I just edit the permalink on that page, the "-3" or whatever it happens to be at that time, comes back after saving. How can I get rid of the appendage?

  2. Tech4Eleven
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Well, I got thinking even more on this and went to the database. I first deleted the page and then deleted it from the trash in WordPress. Then in DB I did a search for "blog-3" found it and deleted the entry. Then I could create the blog page again and the permalink is just blog.

    I think the permalink is associated with pages ID # and thats why it needs to be gone from the site completely.

    Do I really have to do this every time this happens?

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