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  • Hello,

    I hope someone can please help me!

    I’ve got a lot of sub pages in my WordPress blog… some would say far too many!

    However, because I’ve got a lot of subpages, when I go to create a new page and go to chose the ‘Page Parent’ option, I can’t select the page I want to be the parent because there are too many sub-pages in the drop down box! Is there any way of getting around this and making the drop down box larger so I can see all my pages?

    I’ve uploaded an image of the page parent drop down box here:

    And my site is here:

    As you can see from the top Navi bar with all the pages, I’ve got lots more Parent Pages than what is displayed in my drop down box.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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  • Are you using some kind of plugin, because when I’m writing a Page the Page Parent box I see doesn’t look the example you present. It just shows a child page indented below the parent page and the a grandchild page indented under the child page.

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the help!

    No, I’m not using a plugin for Page Parenting at all… Just good old WordPress. 🙂 If you’re refering to the wording order, I’ve just chosen to name my pages in a different way, which may appear it to look like a plugin, but in fact it’s the usual Parent, Child, Grandchild format.

    Basically, it’s as if I have too many pages for the drop down box to cope with – ie, the drop down box where you select the Page parent only shows 20 pages, and I have many more pages than this on my blog, hence I can only specify page parents for 20 of my pages… when I have more than that!

    Any more help is greatly appreciated as I can’t see a solution for this.



    Ah, I see you must be giving your Pages titles such as Music > The Apple Tree – Single > Rhythm and Booze Review.

    I have duplicated your problem. Do you want to report this to the WordPress Trac system? If so, use your forum login at and report the bug.

    The ‘ugly ugly ugly’ work-around is to use phpMyAdmin on the wp_posts table and change the post_parent value for your child/grandchild pages to be the ID of the actual parent page.


    Brilliant, thanks for your answer. This will help! I’m a bit useless at phpMyAdmin but I’ll give it a go as a temporary fix whilst I’m waiting for WordPress to get back to me.

    Hopefully I won’t run into problems fixing it… If so I may have to bump this thread!

    Cheers for the help!


    Backup your database before doing anything!!! Should have said that before.


    Thanks for the backup tip – always a good idea. I’ve done it the ‘ugly ugly ugly’ way and it worked fine, but this takes so much time and should be done easily in WP itself, so I’ll report it as you suggested.

    Cheers for the quick fix, this is especially handy as the website has to launch in a week or so.

    Many thanks,


    This seems to be a firefox glitch, but the new redesign should address this. There is infact a scroll bar that is cut off for being off the screen in that image.

    I would suggest reuploading the admin css file.

    this is what I see

    Thank your for posting the PARENT PAGE Q&A’s.

    I thought I was going nuts. For some reason WordPress had quit displaying the pages that I was creating and I was unable to link pages to their parent! Before posting my problem I made a little search for Page Parent and this Q&A was the 2nd listed.

    I opened WordPress in Microsoft Explore and sure enough there was the handy little scroll bar and I now have access to the new pages I had created and was able to assign the new pages to the proper parent.

    I checked . I then went back into FireFox and opened a page to edit, selected the parent dialog box. Highlighting a page in the Page Parent box and then using the keyboard down/up arrow I was able to access all pages.

    It was there all the time in FireFox I just did not know how to access it.

    Thanks for helping me keep my sanity.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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