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  • Summary: I wanted to list ALL the Testimonials on a Page, however it doesn’t seem to work.

    Step 1: Created a New Rotator, called it ‘all’
    Step 2: Added a new Page and placed the short cut the plugin stated
    List All Testimonials
    [testimonial_rotator id=793 format=list] – Failed
    I even tried
    [testimonial_rotator id=all format=list] – Failed

    So I created a Category within the Testimonial called ‘all’. Went through all the testimonials and somehow expected that the rotator would want to know which category…I was wrong there, should have looked before.

    It seems like to me that having a setting for the rotator to access testimonials by category would be a logical idea. Also on the ‘All Testimonial’ Dashboard it would be nice to see 2 more columns one for Category and another for which rotator they are assigned to.

    Looking forward to your suggestions and feedback.

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  • Yes, this is not working for me either. It works perfectly as a widget, but when I put in in a testimonials page content area so that all of the testimonials show up there, it does not display anything.

    Hello…. plugin creator?

    It would be nice to have some feed back on this issue.

    Above was done with WP 3.8, now on 3.8.1 and it still doesn’t work. I have tried this on 3 different WP sites and it fails to work on any of them.

    When Creating a Rotator, it stated that I have these Short codes to work with
    Base Rotator
    [testimonial_rotator id=”782″] or [testimonial_rotator id=”all”]
    List All Testimonials
    [testimonial_rotator id=”782″ format=”list”]
    Limit Results to 10
    [testimonial_rotator id=”all” format=”list” limit=”10″]
    Hide Titles
    [testimonial_rotator id=”all” hide_title=”1″]
    Randomize Testimonials
    [testimonial_rotator id=”all” shuffle=”1″]

    The Rotator widget works great, but that’s the only success I have had. I need to list a page of them, 20 in total. I thought MAYBE it might have a difference of placement under Visual vs Text, but it doesn’t.

    Must I go to EACH Testimonial, edit it and place and order?

    HOLY CRAP That works… BUT it STILL HAS ISSUES!!!!

    Please Take a look at the web page….
    PAGE ->
    POST ->

    Why would the Rotator Treat each Testimonial as a Post and then call the rest of the Page/Post Begining and Ending…. resulting in duplications of social media widgets?

    FYI the ONLY information ON the ‘PAGE’ OR ‘POST’ is
    <h2>Dharlene Marie Fahl’s Testimonials</h2>
    [testimonial_rotator id=”782″ format=”list”]

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    Rotators need to be created before the testimonials otherwise the relationship has not been created between the two.

    The problem with the social icons is that the social icon plugins wants to include their code anytime the filter ‘the_content’ is used. They should be checking ‘the_content’ and is_post (or is_page). Other people have had problems with this so I’m going to hopefully find a new way to handle this.

    I noticed there is also an issue with SHOWING all the Testimonials on a Page or Post. It will only categorize (or order) the first 3 testimonials in the dashboard, then starts placing the testimonial title in the rotator column…

    Coincidentally those testimonials that have an order assigned, will only show up on the full page using the short code.

    See the web page in previous post and this screen shot from the admin dashboard.

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    @socalcreations can you try updating to 1.4 to see what that fixes?

    Great Fix, however I discovered based on the theme font, the ‘table’ (image and quote) tend to be, well squished.

    I found adding (margin-bottom: 1.5em) helps – see below
    .cf-tr:before, .cf-tr:after { content: ” “; display: table; margin-bottom: 1.5em }
    .cf-tr:after { clear: both; }
    .cf-tr { *zoom: 1; }

    Two other things I see and well, I am still messing with it to see if I can *update the plug 😉 But maybe your much faster 😉

    1) Take a look at Notice how the ‘No Photo’ image is cut off, is this a function of the plugin or some where else?
    2) Is there a way to add a small image to the upper left of the widget, perhaps 75×75 or something to make it stick out?

    Thanks for such a Quick Response!

    After the 4.1 update my rotator is no longer working. It is listing all testimonials. When I set it to one, it only shows the testimonial but doesn’t rotate the rest of them. Any assistance?

    skyemediagroup… did you get it to work yet?

    A couple of hints
    1) go to Dashboard / Add a New Rotator
    2) go to Dashboard / Make sure EACH and EVERY Quote is assigned to A rotator, that you created.

    I had the same misunderstanding and now it works perfectly, there is no issue with 4.1 and WP 3.8.1.

    If you continue to have issues, start turning off plugins one at a time until it works. There could be a conflict with a javascript. I have found many plugin authors use older versions of various scripts that create issues with WP and other plugins.

    When I navigate to one of my pages with the testimonial slider on it, It will list all of the testimonials at one time. I have to hit ctrl-F5 for it to hide all but the first one then the rotator works. Something is definitely wonky with this rotator.

    Since you said you are using the Browser Refresh (ctrl-F5), that tells me you have a caching issue with your browser.

    I suggest you go to the following website, find your browser and follow the directions and see what the results are.'s-Cache

    If you are still having issues, please post your website URL, I use 5 different browsers to test sites with.

    I have my browser (firefox, IE, Chrome) set to pull the latest version of the webpage every time it hits the page. I have tested it with all three major browsers and determined it is not a caching issue. Even if it caches the webpage, why would it cache the testimonials as all being displayed at once instead of fading in and out?

    I hypothesize it has to do with the order the .js files are being loaded during a hard refresh versus a server refresh because of request.

    Let me know if you experience the same issues locally. Thanks!

    Great Theme BTW, elision

    I am assuming you are referring to your ‘about-us’ page above the footer? If that is it, I see what you are referring to.

    I don’t believe this is a .js issue, this looks like a CSS conflict…. however it’s a bit difficult for me to diagnosis with FireBug as the server refuses to allow me to see the CSS files and dynamically turn them on and off to verify.

    I would have to look inside your dashboard/theme & plugin settings.

    If you would like send me an email to william AT SoCalCreations NET and you can create a temp admin account so I can make a better assessment.

    Before we travel down that road, one question… have you tried the widget &/or short code in any other location? and does it exhibit the same behaviour? I see that it appears to work, partially on the Gallery page.

    I would NOTE to the Author, that the plugin Appears to Cache the quotes during a load of the web page. The initial load of the page gets the quotes, but only a refresh executes them properly. Have you contacted the author of the theme to see how it may load short codes of this type?

    Do you use any other plugins that generate short codes, like short code ultimate. If the issue was was displayed there as well, I would say it might have something to do with how the Loop is executed in the theme.

    If it doesn’t, then it could just be this plugin.

    Either way, the diagnosis is fun, isn’t it? 😉

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