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  • I am, slowly but surely, going through old posts, spell checking, making sure everything converted correctly from Blogger and updating the categories.

    Oddly enough, on 1 page the post just ends without the comments bit. When I view the source, the page doesn’t end, it just stops at that post. It should, of course, have the comments and then 2 more posts, according the the post on the next page (which works fine).

    I am not able to validate. When I view in IE the page does the same thing, but at a different post. The post itself doesn’t have anything I could pinpoint for this error, none of the posts do.

    The only thing that is any different between this page and any other page is that, if it showed all posts, it would be the last page for the year 2005 and, the last page of posts for about a year (I took a break from my site) but I don’t know what that would have to do with anything.

    So, see for yourself

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  • Hmm, also it does the same thing at the same place if you view archives by year (
    What am I missing?

    Okay, played around a bit I found out it was actually one of my posts playing up. I have a series of nested lists and, for some reason, I can only display 2. Once I add the 3rd, the post won’t show up thus any page it would be displayed on just.. ends abruptly. I edited it so there are only 2 lists now but I cannot think of any reason this should occur. The lists are coded properly and it doesn’t matter which list I add in – once there are 3, it stops working!

    I’ve made some progress. After reading some posts, I turned off WYSIWYG. I still can’t view the post by itself but I put all but the first 2 lists behind a the “More” tag and I can view the the entry with the More link on any page, though it takes an incredibly long time to load. Of course, when I click the link, the rest of the entry doesn’t show up.

    Still having this problem – and have run out of ideas.

    Okay. Let’s try something new..
    Obviously there’s some sort of error going on and the post just isn’t showing but is there a setting I can change so I get an error message instead or does this not work that way?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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