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    I am trying to update the green bar along the bottom of this page.

    It should read “February offer….” and not “Spend over £30…”

    For some reason in Chrome it shows my updated version but any other browser I view it on displays the old version.

    I was using the Super Cahce plugin, Gzip compression and WP Minify all of which i have now deactivated.

    I’ve also cleared the cache in the other browsers with no joy.

    Does anyone know what may be causing this? Does it take time to update or should it show instantly?

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  • I’m no wordpress guru but I had an identical problem a week ago, except my page updated in every browser but Chrome. It was a caching and/or cookie issue. I clear my caching plugin and the history/cookies in the browser and it worked for me.

    thanks, it’s working now. I re-activated all of the plugins then cleared all of the cache in every browser and it seems to have done the trick as its showing the updated version now!

    Well, this means you fixed the problem for your own browser. But what about other users that don’t clear their cache/cookies/whatever? My problem is that my site is not showing updates in certain browsers unless I manually clear the browser’s cache. This is of no help. Other users will visit the site without clearing their cache, and might see an older non-updated version of the site. Driving me nuts! I’ve cleared all the caches I can think of…

    Same problem as mike.
    People must clear cache on chrome else they see a cached old version of the site.
    I don’t use any plugin for caching.

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    Then your issue is with those Web browsers. Have you tried their forums?

    Thank you for response but no, the issue is not those browsers; this issue is on my site and/or with WordPress.
    How do I know? When I visit another website using the same browser, it is obvious that I am getting the most up-date-version of the website (I know this because, for example, a brand new news story will appear, or something along those lines. So I know I’m getting the latest info.). But visiting my site from the very same browser causes a user to see old content (sometimes). So the problem is not the browser, which is able to pick up the latest data from every site as a general matter– but not the latest info/data from mine. The problem is my site. [Sigh]

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    Mike check your htaccess file, look for the lines below “ExpiresActive On” that’s cache control. I think that was my problem. caching php files for too long.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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