• During installation the page Knowledgebase was not created. When I try to save any page with the shortcode [kbe_knowledgebase] I get an error “Update failed”. How do I fix this problem?

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  • Same problem here, after installing this plugin there is no page with shortcode created. Ergo I go to Menu Pages / Add new page and now it does not work anymore to create a new page. The Message I receive is “Updating failed” and its for all pages, not only with shortcode [kbe_knowledgebase].

    Also on Knowledge Base Menu, the categories do not show up.

    Is there any help here? I am using WordPress 5.2.2. This is a serious bug. Please help or I will have to uninstall this.

    I have the same problem on latest WP. Doesn’t uninstall clean either, even when telling it to delete everything in settings. Upon reinstall, it doesn’t even prompt to create the page. After adding the shortcode, you can get a search page that will show that you have articles but a 404 if you click on one.

    It does say not tested with my version of WP but I even tried going back to using the classic editor with no joy. It has a fair amount of positive support so I’m guessing they just don’t want to support it on new installations on latest WP.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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