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  • I have a situation with a non-wordpress page being used on a site as a contact form.

    The page TITLE shows up as “BlogTitle >> Page Not Found” even though the page is clearly there.

    Is there any way to fix or change the title?

    Code being used in the header:

    define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
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  • I’m also getting this weird error. Bumping to see if anyone can help!

    I have gotten this error as well. Anyone know the problem?

    I have this problem too, anyone has found a solution?

    Aah, i am not the only one that is getting this message.. Weird. Hopefully someone has a solution for this? Working with WP 2.7.1.

    Do you have permalinks enabled? When i turn it off, the ‘Page Not Found’ is gone. Turned on again, it’s there. 🙁

    I too was having this problem on my home page, and no variation to header.php would fix it. Using Semiomatic’s “Static Front Page” plugin was a semi-effective substitute to what I was trying to do, but due to its functionality being rolled into WordPress some time ago, the plugin is no longer available for download, and it doesn’t play well with some other plugins I rely on anyway.

    I came up with another solution, though I’m not much of a PHP programmer so don’t know if it’s considered safe or not. In your wp-includes/general-template.pho file, change line 451 from

    $title = __(‘Page not found’);


    $title = __(”);


    I get the same problem with pages outside of wordpress. we need a solution.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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