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Page Not Found? Except for me? Hows that?

  • Ok here goes…
    I have a wp site http://www.baectx.com that shows great for me on my computer on both Firefox and IE8. It even shows good on my verizon browser (mobile phone) But lots of clients are still getting a 404 Page not found?!?
    Anyone have any ideas what could be the problem/fix? I reloaded wordpress and have only used theme and plugins that are IE compatible…


    ps – layman’s terms and step by step (if possible) Help! 🙁

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  • esmi
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    I also get a 404. And it’s not the WordPress 404 either. It’s being generated by your host or by a previous site installation. Where did you install WordPress on your site?

    network solutions


    P.S.S. – It also shows for me on my mac (firefox)…???

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    Still 404 at http://www.baectx.com/wp2010/

    What site url did you enter in Admin/Settings/General

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    Is there an .htaccess file in your root folder? Or any domain level re-direction going on?

    both wordpress and blog URL are set to baectx.com/wp2010
    I’ll check the .htacess file …

    I have a trouble ticket in to network solutions now.
    The file manager wont delete unneeded files that could be the problem.
    Hope so.

    Posting answer for anyone who may come across something simiar.

    Finally…an answer!

    It wasn’t me, Network Solutions wrote: “Your “www” pointer was missing, so anyone who would have typed in “www.baectx.com” would not have resolved your site. We added this back for you.

    No more page not found…yay!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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