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    Hi guys,

    I'm in a bind as I have a three-campus site due to be launched this week but have just come across an issue that has put a real spanner in the works.

    I'm using multisite with the base domain being a splash page leading off to three campuses, which are separate sites using subdirectories, all using the same theme.

    I am using a portfolio posts/pages feature that was built into the theme I'm using to showcase different groups of people. I believe this is using custom post types, but cannot contact the developer as he has closed his entire web presence due to personal reasons.

    I've built the first campus/subsite and used these 'portfolio' pages and posts, and these work fine. However, when trying to do the same on the second campus/subsite, the pages and posts all throw a 'Page Not Found' error when you try to view them, even though they do exist. They even show up in a search, but still throw the error when you click through to them.

    So, for example:

    On subsite 1, we have http://calvarycc.org.au/sc/portfolio-page/the-team/ which works fine.

    But on subsite 2, we have http://calvarycc.org.au/tsv/portfolio-page/the-team/ which throws the error.

    This is the same for other 'portfolio' posts and pages as well. Eg:

    http://calvarycc.org.au/sc/portfolio-page/youth-connects/ - works
    http://calvarycc.org.au/tsv/portfolio-page/youth-connects/ - doesn't work

    Individual posts/entries within the portfolio page have the same issue.

    Any ideas on a solution guys? Do custom post types play nice on multisite, or are there known issues? Could this be a permalink issue, as the urls are the same bar the /sc or /tsv ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to have this done in the next day or so.

    Thanks ever so much.


  2. Do custom post types play nice on multisite


    It's not permalinks, either, as they're per-site.

    Are you sure they're Custom Post Types?

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