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    It is really hard to say without more information. We haven’t seen or heard of that happening before. Are there URLs that we could go to and take a look? What version of WP? Subdomain mode or Subdirectory mode? What other plugins are installed and running? Did you check the logs that the cloner produces? There are links to them when cloning completes or you can find them under the cloner plugin directory under /logs. If you are able to send those and any relevant screenshots through our support page here: that will help us assist you much more effectively. Thanks!

    I have fixed that but now I have another issue. I’m planning to buy the premium plugin because I need serialized settings export between sites. Now I’m getting the following error when try to clone:

    string(124) “cp -r /Users/me/Sites/* /Users/me/Sites/website.coms/wp-content/uploads/sites/17”

    exec() is enabled in case you think this is the issue. It’s not.

    How can I fix that? Thanks in advance.

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    Strange! We’re looking into this, but so far can’t reproduce the error. Does it show up in the logs? or on the page? or both? Is that the complete error?

    The Cloner doesn’t actually have that exec() command in it. And it never calls “cp -r”. Was that something you added? It only calls php copy() which is not recursive. We wrapped it in our own recursive function, so “cp -r” isn’t something that the cloner would be generating. Neither is “/*” at the end of you origin path because it recursively scans and copies the files and directories one at a time.

    Anyway, happy to help, but still shooting in the dark here. Let us know what additional details you can provide, thanks!.

    I solve this too. Was a conflict with another premium duplication plugin. How can we make a more direct contact?

    I can give you and address and a username to check the development site. I want to buy the pro plugin but now I’m afraid of the effectiveness of the plugin. Perhaps something in my blog is making the plugin work sluggish.

    I’m getting crazy with this. Almost everything clones fine except two things:

    • The ID blog.dir folder does not create (I fixed duplicating and renaming with the new site ID manually)
    • NextGen Gallery directory setting does not get auto populated. Remains with value “/” when the normal behaviour is they assign “wp-content/blogs.dir/%BLOG_ID%/files/”
    • I attach and example:

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    Sometimes file permissions on the parent directory can prevent php from creating the new target directory automatically. There is also a weird quirk with multisite and NextGen with the image directory setting when cloning and I’m racking my brain to remember. I thought there was a handler for that in the code already, but I will check. No matter what we’ll make sure we do our best to you up and running smoothly. You can reach us directly at and we’ll have someone in touch with you right who would be happy to look at the issues in place in your dev environment.

    Thanks a lot I will send the contact right now.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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