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    Hi. I have an install of wordpress running under XAMPP and can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t build a proper link to a page on my template. I’m using a page.php to template the pages and that seems fine, but…
    When I look at the permalink references from the Pages section, it indicates I should use the form <http://mysite.local/sample-page/&gt;. Okay…

    Weird 1) When I view the page from the admin panel(by clicking the link from the pages panel) , I can see each page just fine, but when I reference them using the link indicated, I *always* get a page not found.

    I’ve tried hardcoding the link into my template, used bloginfo(‘url’) with an added hardcoded “/pagename”, you name it. Nothing works properly.

    The truly bizarre thing is that when I check the view source, the linked page in my template (whether written via bloginfo or hardcoded) is exactly the same as the one that I can see when I click the link through the admin panel!
    How is it that this works when I click the page link through the admin panel, but not when I write out the same url in the template?

    Weird 2) When I mouseover the link leading to the page, the status bar shows “<a href=” (ie: doesn’t show the complete path) even when the link to the page is well formed – which I can see when I view source.

    Weird 3) the complete block of text I include in my page (via the admin panel) is linked back to the main page… so any click inside that content takes me back to the home page. Why does it do this? When I view the content in plain text format (via the Text tab in the Edit Pages section), there’s no markup – so why does it do this?

    I appreciate this is a lot of weirdness to be asking about, but I’ve done due diligence in seeking answers to this and can’t see what the problem is. Thanks (very much!) in advance to whoever can help here.

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  • So I thought maybe the issue was doing things locally. (permissions, etc)
    But that’s not the problem.

    1) I upped all my theme items to the site
    1) I create a page in the admin.
    2) I click the “View Page” beside the permalink in the editor and I can see the page using the page.php template I’ve assigned in my theme. It looks fine. (Other than the text having become one giant link back to the home page)
    3) when I try to code the url (either through php or hard coded) into my template that I can access through the wp-admin “Page” section, I get a “Not Found” error, even though “View Source” on the main page shows the linked url is EXACTLY the same as the WP-Admin Pages permalink.
    4) Any other hard coded link I place into my index page works fine – I go where the link points – but I can’t access the Pages I’ve created ….

    This makes no sense at all.
    PS: I used get_option(‘permalink_structure’) and yes, permalinks are enabled.

    Please mark this resolved. File under “Blithering idiot.”
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    And remember kids, always close your tags.

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