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  • I’m trying to run an online store alongside my real brick and mortar store and I’m having trouble with a few things.

    The first thing that happens, is that when someone tries to log in, whether it works or not, the same page with the same error message is displayed. “Apologies but the page requested could not be found. Try searching blah blah blah”

    How do I fix this? Obviously if someone logs in it should tell them, and if they input the wrong details it should let them know. is the url.

    The second major concern is that when someone tries to checkout using the phone order option, it just takes them back to a page that says “Their are currently no items in your shopping cart”

    I want it to say “One of our staff will contact you shortly with your order” but can’t find how to edit this.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Am I doing something wrong to not get any replies?

    I realise it may be a somewhat obscure problem..

    Please have a little patience. Everyone here is offering free/voluntary support and people do have lives besides the WP support forums. Not even all issues get addressed always. There are so many.

    Do you use a plugin to manage your user environment ?
    It seems to me registered users get forwarded to a link which does not exist. That doesn’t happen with the traditional login, so I assume it’s tweaked.

    Reg. yer 2nd problem, I’m sorry not familiar with the plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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