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    Hey all,

    First off, I’m new to WordPress and blogs. My problem is one of my pages doesn’t display its content. This page ( shoud read :

    This will be where my C.V. resides

    Now to give you all some insight on how i created this page. First i created a page called Portfolio, then created the CV page as a child of the portfolio page.

    Did i do something wrong? What code(if any) should i post?

    Sorry if this may have been asked before, but my search returned nothing relevant.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Just had a bit of a play around, the content will show fine if it’s not a child of my portfolio page. What may cause this?

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  • i just noticed when i go to your site, then click on the CV page, and rollover the ‘edit’ link i see no post ID.

    whereas in my own site, i see a post ID at the end of the edit link like:
    … wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=74

    did you try editing from that link?

    No, i created the page thru the WordPress interface (Add Page). but that is very odd.

    Ahh in fact (i probably should have tried this sooner) if i change my theme back to the default one (Kubrick?) i get a 404 error. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Still having a play around. Seems that the page isn’t located at /portfolio/cv but is at /cv/. is this a problem with my permalinks? they are currently set up for /%pagename%. Should this be something like /%pagename%/%pagename%?

    EDIT: Ok, think i may have fixed it now. Seems that i needed to set my permalink structure to /%pagename%/%pagename%. Do i need to do this for as deep as i want child pages in this kind of setup?

    Is your .htaccess file writable? Using nice permalinks you have to have it always writable when creating a new Page.

    Well it is now, i used to have to edit it manually.

    You don’t have to use %pagename% – that’s not even a valid tag for permalinks.

    It seems to work, what i’m wanting is the page name to follow my domain name( i.e etc). which tags would i use? are pages considered as posts?

    Here are the tags you can use: Using_Permalinks

    i’ve read that, but it doesn’t answer my question. I’ve now removed my permalink structure, but when i list children pages i get the ?page_id=9 instead of /portfolio/cv/ which is what i’m trying to setup. Could you point me in the right direction of how to do this?

    Under your options/permalinks tab, set your structure to


    That seems to work for me. Make sure you set your htaccess file to writable (666) before making this change.

    Will try, but just for me to understand, are pages treated as posts?

    EDIT: Sweet! It appears to be working exactly as i was hoping for. Cheers again for all the help guys.

    I am having this problem, too, but changing my permalinks to /%postname%/ didn’t fix it. The only thing that I think I may have done differently is that I have excluded page 77 (the problem page) from my wp_list_pages call in the sidebar. The page works fine when I don’t have permalinks turned on, but when I turn them on [siteurl]/ grandparentpage/parentpage/page/ gives me a 404. Here is the problem URL: If I move the page to be a child of articles, it displays fine. But I don’t want my full list of articles to show on the front page, so I created a “container” page as a child of “articles”, made all the articles children of the container page and excluded the container page from my wp_list_pages(); function. Anyone see problems with that?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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