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  • My page, is running WSC6 Theme and has the pages linked on top of the site. My question is twofold: first being can I choose what goes up there? I would like to take the “Registration” link off the top if possible. If not, then why won’t it currently link to the page. If you click it now, you get a 404 error.
    Please help with this issue.
    Thank you!

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    Try creating a custom menu.

    Thank you for the suggestion. While I explore that option, is there any way to operate in what I have, without downloading anything ancillary?

    Any page you create will automatically be placed in the navigation up top. I am not sure whats going on with your registration page, its either not created or the link is broken, something might of happened with your permalinks but as far as controlling what goes up in the navigation is based on the pages you have created. I would delete the registration page and recreate it.

    Is it something to do with whether or not I am the ‘host’ or ‘server’ or on the computer that created the site?

    Im not sure what you mean by the last thing you said there. My comment Above should of cleared up your question though.

    I created a page and so it went up the navigation menu. I get that. I deleted the page I created and remade it with a different title. Why won’t the link work? I created the page, and it auto fills up to the menu, so why would the link not work? That is the essence of my above question: do i have the authority to create pages based on what computer i am working on? Do i have to actually be the one who created the blog? I log in as admin but am I the creator?

    Yea, that’s one of the best things about WordPress, most of the changes can be made with any computer from anywhere as long as you have the username and password to the sites dashboard. The problem of the link not working is something else going on, its not what you are logged in as especially if you are logging in as admin.

    Okay. Good news. Now, if you can, how do I connect the menu button up top to the page itself? Do you need to know some code?

    When you create a page, wordpress will automatically make the link in the navigation for you by default.

    Right, but why is that link not working?

    Did you mess with the permalinks at all?

    I don’t believe so. What should the settings be?

    Did you try to delete this page, and then recreate it? You might want to try to create an entirely new page and see if that link breaks to the new page as well.

    Yes I did. Same result.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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