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  1. Johnny Bravo
    Posted 6 years ago #

    i have trawled the internet, been through this forum and i am still stuck, it seems like a very simple problem but its delaying me.

    ALL i want to do is have a sidebar menu showing all my pages and their subpages - THAT IS IT. it seems like such a simple thing but io am getting frustrated because i have come across plugins, editing the 'links' and 'categories' widgets to make a menu and other related topics, but is this REALLY that hard? All i want is sidebar menu where i can customise the order of pages and their subpages.

    at the moment, every page i create in the dashboard appears as a link in the top AND the 'poages' widget in the sidebar.. PLEASE HELP!

  2. Arnold Goodway
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This will help:


    With this function you can exclude certain pages should you want to. The order of the pages as they appear on the list can be set by the order number you add when you create the page.

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