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[Resolved] Page Navigation

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  • Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    See FAQ 23. If still stuck, got URL?

    Thank you but the answer is not applicable in my situation. I don’t get an error message.

    This is url http://www.artiopartners.com/us-expat-tax-cpa/testimonials/

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Thank you for the URL.

    Please follow FAQ 23 and then let me know the results.

    Hello. I did everything per FAQ 23 but it didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thank you

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Serious bummer, that was the easy fix.

    Okay, what plugins do you have running? There’s a conflict with one of them.

    Deactivate your plugins one at a time until the paging works and then let me know which plugin caused the trouble.

    Hi. Actually, this is not a conflict issue with one of the plugins. I found the following information about WPPageNavi. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-pagenavi/faq/

    “When I go to page 2, I see the same posts as on page 1!

    You’re using query_posts() wrong. See The Right Way To use query_posts()”

    This is my situation. However, where can I change query_posts per the “Right Way”? Should I change a certain file? I will appreciate if you can explain it to me in simple terms. I have 3 pages of testimonials and people see only the first page.

    Thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Testimonials Widget plugin does not use query_posts.

    Did you try out my plugin on-off suggestion?

    Hi. On-off suggestion doesn’t work. Where do people usually change query_posts? Which file?

    If people have several pages of testimonials, then they need to install wp-pagenavi to navigate all pages of testimonials. Is it correct?

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Does your them use query_posts?

    Testimonials Widget has it’s own built-in paging system. However, if WP Navi is installed it’ll default to that instead.

    Hi. If Testimonials has its own paging system, why do you have a Q40 indicating that WP-PageNavi must be installed? Please find below. I am confused. Thanks.

    40. How do I get page numbers for pagination?

    Install and activate WP-PageNavi to get page numbers for pagination of testimonials via the shortcode [testimonialswidget_list].

    Additionally, you can use filter testimonials_widget_wp_pagenavi to configure WP-PageNavi specifically for Testimonial Widgets. Read WP-PageNavi’s core.php wp_pagenavi function declaration for available options.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Please read the question for FAQ 40 again… It says page numbers.

    Please review the screenshots of testimonials widget listings. You’ll see arrows used for paging in them.

    Hello Users of this plugin! I would like to see Page numbers as WP-PageNavi offers. Does anybody on this website use WP-PageNavi? If so, my issue is that I see the same posts when I click on page 2. How did you resolve this issue? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Does paging without WP-PageNavi plugin work for you?

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Also, have you tried using another theme to test that Testimonials Widget and WP-PageNavi work together for you?

    My testing shows they do fine together. So if it’s not a plugin issue, then that leaves theme.

    Since this isn’t a testimonials widget issue, I’m resolving the ticket.

    Should I add a code per Q38 to create paging without WP-PageNavi? If so, where should I put it in the fuctions.php file? In the beginning, in the middle or in the end? I put it in the end and it broke my site. I am not a code guru;-( Thank you

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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