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    Your page is quite badly broken and is not loading correctly. My advice is to start again with the default, and then make small changes one at a time, checking the appearance and validating your pages after each small change. Also make sure that if something does not look right or does not validate after a change, that you can take a step back and undo the change. It’s best to keep a careful record of all the changes you make, or you will forget, and then lose control of the design.

    Good luck!

    I uploaded the default to start again, but they are still like that. Maybe it’s my code? I am going to check it out, but I would still like someone to look at it.

    It must be your code. The theme you’re using doesn’t work properly, and without a lot of work it would be difficult for someone to look at it and know all the things that need to be corrected.

    By the default I meant the whole WordPress default install, with the Kubrick or Classic Theme. I think the Classic would be closer to what you are looking for. This is just my advice about the best thing to do for your blog. Delete everything and begin again.

    Then once you have the Classic Theme working you can start to make small changes one at a time, checking everything as you go, and try not to change anything without knowing what the effect will be.

    I think this is the best approach.

    Now I see you have it under more control with the Kubrick Theme, but if you use the validation link (in sidebar Meta) you will see there are 52 errors. It would be a good idea to correct these before you go any further.

    For example you have styling inside some of your paragraph tags, and in some cases a body tag in a paragraph.

    Sorry there is no way I am going to delete and begin again. I would rather make my pages seperatly than go through that.

    I don’t know what Meta is or how to use it. I looked into it and at my code they said needed fixed and I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

    jorose, you can’t use code like:

    <p><html><br /><body><br />Actresses:</p>

    or a table inside a paragraph. You can check the validation of your page by clicking “Valid XHTML” just beneath the Meta heading in the sidebar. You now have 102 validation errors.

    The way to make a page is with “Write Page” in the admin area. There isn’t much more I can say, except once again: good luck!

    I see now. Thanks for all the help!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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