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  • I have set up a page with three drop-down sections on it and they are all working great. But when I first load this page a blank section appears underneath all the text that takes up as much room as the expanded text in my drop-down sections.

    When I navigate away from this page then back to it – the blank space disappears. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


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  • Plugin Author bgentry


    Hi, can you share a link to the page where this is happening?


    The page is this one:

    Hoping you can help.


    Plugin Author bgentry


    OK, here is what is happening.

    When the page is loaded, you have a javascript there that resizes left navigation (the blue bar down the left side of the web page) to be the same height as the right section, the main content area. It does this resize in the split second before the FAQ plugin hides all the Q&A answer content. Thus, the size it gets includes all the un-collapsed content.

    There are a couple of options. One would be to trigger the resize again after the FAQ plugin collapses the content. Another option would be to redo the CSS a little bit: make the #content div have the blue background, put no background on the #leftNav div, and give the #rightSection div a background-color of #e5ebf1. This would need a couple more adjustments to make it work perfectly, but it would make it so you don’t need to resize the blue bar on the left at all.

    Ah, makes sense. Thanks so much for the suggestions and support!

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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