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  • This is a very odd error that only I seem to be able to reproduce.

    First some info which may help in figuring this out….
    I use Firefox 1.0.4, on Debian Sarge. WP — now to the problem.

    I’m hosting my website with,, and for some reason the Website will not load when I type the URL “without” the WWW. portion. It forces me to use the ‘www.’ portion in the URL, and it bugs me.

    If I attempt the non-www url format, I get the whole 30-sec timeout, “error establishing a database connection”. Any other computer can access my website perfect, www’s or no w’s.

    I’ve looked through the FireFox ‘about:config’ options, to no avail. I’ve looked through the BlueHost options and no luck there either.
    Also.. I know it’s not just BlueHost because I previously hosted with GoDaddy and had the exact same problem.
    Could it be that I have Apache2 installed on this box here, and it’s interfering with the page display?

    Help would appreciated. 🙂

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