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  • Hello all nothing major would anyone know if there is a plugin or how can I make my home page load like I have seem some with 10% 20% so on until the page load and I have seen some that only has A vertical line running till the page fully comes up! sorry I don’t know the name of that style and I hope a gave a good examples lol lol newbie here

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    I have seem some with 10% 20% so on until the page load

    Was this a WordPress theme, or some other kind of site? From what I gather from your description, the site was probably using some kind of Flash element. The main page had already loaded, and the browser was waiting for the larger Flash file to finish downloading.

    This would not work in your case, because the long download time is for the webpage itself. The browser has to wait for WordPress to do its thing, and then download all the images in your theme, etc.

    I could be wrong, but I imagine that it was a Flash element that you saw.

    Thanks MindBlender 3D It was other kind of site, but from what you said about the long download time I agree and it makes sense. it never hurts to ask right? Thanks!!!

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    Yeah, I think it would be cool to have a progress indicator, but I don’t know of any easy way to do it. I’m sure some savvy Javascript/AJAX/Flash/Etc. developer might be able to come up with something.

    It might be worth doing a Google search on it…

    But it seems that your real issue is the long download time, right? Your site takes a long time to load, and you want your visitors to know that something is going on. There are many things you can do to optimize your WP site so that it doesn’t take so long to download. I would suggest doing some Forum and Codex searching on that, because there are many other threads discussing the minification and optimization question.

    Good luck,
    MindBlender 3D

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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