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  • My new self hosted site (still in testing) has huge page load delays. I have about 75-80 posts and know that many images are of full size. When it was on the same images never gave a problem, but now loading, scrolling or almost anything is very delayed. So,

    what is the easiest way to optimize images for the web when I have like 400 odd images? My page width is 1200 and content is about 65%

    I have to still move it from So, would I have to re-size them all and re-upload again? (which is a whole lot painful!)

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  • I use this plugin to optimize my images. It will basically reduce the file sizes of your images without reducing the quality. You can run it on individual images or on all your images, and once installed it automatically runs when you upload an image.

    As far as resizing, WordPress allows you to resize images directly in the admin, so you don’t necessarily have to resize them on your computer and then re-upload them.

    You can also change the default image sizes and then use a plugin like this one to build all the images again.

    That was super fast! thanks a bunch..
    I had read about, but didn’t know it could be integrated with WP. Will try that.

    Could you also please tell me how to figure out what the image dimension (e.g. 700×500 or such) should be to fit the content width? my page width is 1200px and content width is 65.4%

    Your content width should be roughly 780px if your page is 1200px and content is 65.4% of that. So your images need to have a width of 780px or less. The height needed will depend on the images used. So I’d take a standard image you use and change the width to be 780px or less and see what the resulting height is.

    dang! that should’ve been easy to figure out!
    thanks a bunch for explaining clearly 🙂

    BTW, could you also let me know how to protect the images from theft i.e., right click, select, copy and paste or screen print?

    Most of those types of techniques, like blocking right click, are easy to get around and just annoy people, so they really aren’t affective. Here’s a good article about various ways, and pros and cons of each.

    Loudly seconded! In general terms, if you don’t want people copying your content. don’t publish it on the Web. But in the case of images, you might be able to stop casual theft by watermarking your images. There are even plugins that claim to do this for you (although I couldn’t comment on how good/bad they are).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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