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  • Hey lafferty3
    Does it still happen if you switch to default theme? and disable plugins maybe?

    Yes. I deactivated all plugins (didn’t help) and I installed the default theme and that didn’t help either.



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    Try resetting your custom permalinks back to the default setting. If that works, then try reading Using_Permalinks before setting a custom permalink structure back up again.

    THANK YOU ESMI. That worked! Setting the permalinks to default.

    However, I have no idea why it suddenly stopped working. It was working for months and then stopped with the upgrade, so perhaps that was the problem.

    I didn’t even know what permalinks were!

    permalinks can just flake out sometimes….. afetr doing anything that seems totally non-permalinks related

    My custom permalinks also failed. Resetting to default permalinks re-established the connections, but how can I repair the custom links? I would like to continue using custom permalinks, not just the default.

    I am now having this problem – again. The last time, I set it to default, then back to custom, and it worked. This time, the “trick” is not working.

    Have tried that multiple times and still 404.

    I do use .htaccess file for files that have been renamed. The file is simple:

    RewriteEngine on
    redirect myblog
    etc. etc.

    Don’t want to go back to “default” theme because when I go back to the theme I prefer, there are big problems going back and forth.

    I’ve read the “using_permalinks” file and it seems complicated.

    Any simple change i can make? The server is mod_rewrite. I used to use FrontPage but no longer.


    Start a new topic (you’ll not get as many eyeballs reading an already Resolved topic). Post a copy of your .htaccess when you do.

    okay! Here goes! Thanks. But posting a copy of my .htaccess – isn’t that private?

    Omg here goes.. brand new, no experience, jumped in deep end.
    my blog was working yesterday. I renamed the directory in my host file manager and then realized oops no that wont work, so I changed it back and hey presto everything returned…

    BUT.. since then none of my navigational links work, they all flash up with the correct location but then redirect to my home page. I’m totally lost and am so upset cos I thought I was learning and doing really well until now.

    Please help..


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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