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  1. grantimatter
    Posted 9 years ago #


    I thought I'd finally got my installation of WordPress to sing at http://guildofscientifictroubadours.com - it's a version of the Pool Theme modified by a man with limited CSS/HTML experience and nearly no real knowledge of how php works.

    The site is going swimmingly in Safari & Firefox, the two browsers I do nearly all my work on - but I've just learned that in Internet Explorer 7, the links to the pages aren't live. The words appear in their proper tabs, but they're not links - no rollover, no address, nothing.

    Clicking on them is exactly the same as clicking on the image above them - it just reloads the home page.

    I'm guessing, based on this behavior, that something in IE 7 is reading <div id="page"> as part of <div id="header"> or else is reading the header as taller than it actually is (a misplaced "height" tag?) or something.

    But I can't find the problem.

    Can anyone else set me straight?


  2. grantimatter
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Wow, that was peculiar - I got it to work not by *shrinking* the height of the header div, but by *expanding* it (and by removing a 1.5em line height I'd stuck on all the content, and putting that just on the blog entries).

    So solved the problem by doing something counterintuitive.

  3. grantimatter
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ah - I figured it out for *real*. IE7 wanted a "height" in the "page" section of the CSS file. Once it got that, the <div id="page"> suddenly became real.

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