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  • Ok, kinda new with this so I’ll give as much info as I can think of.

    My basic issue is I don’t mind (and can’t change) having the WP files in their own directory but I want to have my permalinks and page links WITHOUT the or whatever link it will be. How do I make WordPress understand this?

    I host on Yahoo Business if that helps at all. I installed WP and there is an option to make the blog your home page which I selected yes to (I’ve also tried the other way) Yahoo forces the WP install into a subfolder. After installation the Settings>General tab shows this for my file locations:

    WordPress Address (URL):
    Site Address (URL):

    The Site Address has a comment that says “Enter the address here if you want your site homepage to be different from the directory you installed WordPress.” but there’s also a pop up warning on the Site Address field NOT to change it if you selected “Yes” to the make blog your home page.

    If I do change the Site Address to remove the /wp the most significant difficulty I was having is after creating a Home and Blog page and setting up Static Page and the permalinks was that if I just go to my website at it would load the index.php and some of my page links in the menu were missing then I would click on the menu link to the Blog page and that page would then have all the links on the sidebar widgets and all the links in the menu to (for instance) pages were coming and going if I did get a link that went to for instance then I would get a 404 Not Found error. It’s like WP is only updating half of what it needs to.

    I did go through the support paper Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory. The index.php file was automatically generated in my root directory with the required code in it; however, Yahoo does NOT allow anyone access to their site’s .htaccess file so I don’t have a copy of this file I can move or do anything to.

    Is there any way to make WP understand that the program is installed in the /wp directory but the website and blog are in the root directory?

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