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  • I brought these two issues up in two other Topics, but they were not the original issues that I was experienceing at that time, so I am starting a new one for them and explaining them a little differently. The responses that were given inthe other topics helped somewhat, but I still have not found out the cause of the problems or how to fix them. I have a feeling that they are related issues, so I’m presenting them here in one topic.

    My site is

    1)My links section (i.e. friends list/blogroll) is not showing up on my site (it should be appearing in the right column, just under the Recent Entries section), although they are all still present in Dashboard>Links. I can view the links in the dashboard and edit them like normal, but can’t figure out why they are not showing up on my site.

    2) I have 3 page links on my main page in the header (Archives, About and Contact). When you click on any of the three links, it takes you to that page and the page_id # that I created for each page last year is still showing in the URL (example: The website theme is there on each page, but the content that I had entered for those pages does not show up on that page. In Dashboard>Manage>Pages, it looks like there are not even any pages created – it’s as if I need to create them all over again. Any idea how I can recover those pages?

    I can not locate an .htaccess file anywhere in my FTP. I have inactivated and/or deleted all but the Akismet Spam plugins. I have the most recent backup file of my site (prior to my attempts to upgrade to 2.0.2) from my host stored on my server and home computer, so I can try to restore my site from that if I need to, I guess. I’m a relative novice to using WordPress (just over 1 year, and I’m still a nOOb). I’m at the point where I just want wipe it out and reinstall it, but I do not want to lose all of my old content if I don’t have to, especially since everything seems to be working fine except for these two things. Obviously, I’d like to figure out what is causing the problems and learn how to fix it, instead of taking the easy way out and starting my site from scratch, but I don’t know what else to do at this point. I don’t even know if or how to go about reinstalling the last backup to restore everything to a point prior to all of this mess happening. I’m open to trying any suggestions, but I need some patience and hand-holding through the process. Sorry for the ramble, but I’m at a loss here.

    Thanks again for your help.

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