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  • Hi.

    I installed Stella and it’s been working fine so far. Now my site is ready and should be online already, but there’s a small last minute problem that I didn’t catch before:

    If I edit a page and make a text link to another page, the linked page always opens in the default language (Finnish, in this case). This makes it impossible to create a link to a secondary (Swedish) language page in the text content of a page in the same language. A link on a page in Swedish always leads to a page in Finnish even though that page exists in Swedish also.

    If I try to add &lang=sv to the end of the link url in WordPress manually I get a “page not found” error since clicking one the links makes WordPress turn the URL into something like this: ?page_id=23&lang=sv&lang=sv

    I am not using hosts and I am using the default WordPress link structure.

    Am I missing something here? Please help, somebody.

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  • Hi,
    I have exactly the same problem: if I switch from my default language (french) to the english page version, and I follow a link toward another page, I land in the french version of the target page, not the english one.
    It may help to say that I use the “post name” permalink type, maybe Stella doesn’t like it…
    Any help welcome! 🙂

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