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    I created a custom menu (my third for the site) using reg_nav_menu and wp_nav_menu. I created a custom template to display this menu on my specific page.

    How do I:
    a) Get the first menu item (a special post type called ‘single_menu’, in this case it would be the content of “Week 15”) to load into the page upon landing?
    b) Get all clicks thereafter to load into the template page?

    I put a page ‘FAQs’ onto the menu, just to test to make sure it isn’t just my custom post type ‘single_menu’ that is loading into its default template.

    See the example here at

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  • In case anyone come across this thread in the future…

    There isn’t any documentation on where to place your wp_nav_menu if you want it page-level. (Usually, there are only examples for header.php or footer.php). I wanted it on the page, and I wanted it to call up my custom post type of ‘single_menu’. I had the wp_nav_menu on my custom page template.

    Where it finally worked properly was by placing it on my customized post page (content.php), which I called ‘content-single_menu.php’.

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