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[Resolved] Page left alignment

  • Hi There,

    I have added 2 additional pages to the default front page.


    The default page is left aligned, but the additional pages (about + manifesto) I have added seem to have shifted towards the centre… squeezing the Title into two lines.
    If anyone could help that would be very much appreciated.


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  • Hello Nick,
    add this to your child style.css or Custom CSS Plugin and let’s see if it helps:

    #wrapper {
        width: 830px;

    Thanks so much. Using the Google inspector tool I’d actually worked out that wrapper element was the one to change (default set at 540 px) and had attempted your fix, however for whatever reason when pasting it at the end of the Child theme sheet it wasn’t taking effect. This time I pasted your code…

    @import url(“../blaskan/style.css”);
    #wrapper {
    width: 830px;

    …directly below the import line and it worked! Great. Thanks again.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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