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    I like this theme but it has some hiccups that are very annoying and my patience is running out trying to find the answers.

    The title of my blog seems to be stuck in one place all over the pages, which is fine on the home page but doesn´t seem to move on the other pages so it`s like on top of text and other elements. Seems like the box with the text is just stuck and all the space smaller so everything is squeezed.
    Also when in customisation the Tagline is non existent, i don´t know where it appears. The name of the blog seems too big for the space (which as i said before runs over the rest), the main image then is cut off in other pages and the text box comes up to destroy the whole layout.

    On the home page, there are these feature images and features content, they seem interactive (as some click and I can put my mouse over it), can this be linked to a post?

    Also when I am in the post page or in the individual posts I can´t seem to be able to have the reply/discussions/ comments form section. (it only works from the archives). I have tried many different ways trying to activate the comment forms even downloaded a plugin, nothing.

    Please help soon or I will give up,
    support on this theme seem to be very old and ignored by the developers.
    A free version doesn’t make it less important, actually good service gives good publicity.

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    You´ve been so helpful…

    if you don´t mind, a couple of things:

    On my POSTS page, i want just excerpts of my posts with a read more button at the end of each. I put them now one after the other hoping it would do this, but it doesn´t .
    so how do i do this?
    I have put settings>reading> summary but that doesn´t seem to do it.

    and how do I make an image clickable (without coding it as the image could change)?

    thanks again!

    oh i found the answer of the excerpt!
    wow what would we do without forums?

    let me know about the clickable (linkable) images if you can thanks!
    it’s for clicking the images on the pages to link to the posts.

    Also can you have a page that is hidden form the menu? for example i want to make a Tips section without showing on the main menu but clicking directly from the home page image or link. However these will be more than one tips, so even though it will always click on the one advertised on the home page, there will be more than one. So Tips will be a new page, what and where will all the Tips posts be?

    Which image do you want to make clickable?

    I want to make the images on the home page clickable, i mean the ones in the boxes.
    For this theme the home images are to be uploaded from the theme options, appearance> travel options.

    I have downloaded NextGen Gallry (free) Plugin for more images options, which works and has a different name on the menu now of the wordpress admin panel, however when i need to upload images into my blog for this theme, the uploader still goes in the media files of the normal wordpress admin panel by default and not the new plugin one.
    Is there a setting to override this or how can i make it that it chooses the NextGen gallery instead?
    There seems to be an option for choosing the default media or nexgen one in the posts but not for the home page (theme options)

    Any thoughts on the Tip section as described above?

    There is no way to make those images clickable – unless you were to create a child theme and do some customization.

    You could create a link under the images in the space provided as you can put any HTML you want in this area.

    You could create a category for your tips section and link directly to the category page rather than to an individual post.

    To change when items appear on the menu go to Appearance -> Menu in your dashboard.

    You can choose where the NextGen galleries are stored by going to Gallery -> Other Options -> Image Options

    If you have any other queries please create a new post as this one has gone a bit off-topic now 🙂

    thanks you are right, of course! 😉

    You can choose where the NextGen galleries are stored by going to Gallery -> Other Options -> Image Options

    am trying to figure out what to put and where (I´d rather work from the NextGen gallery which is better if possible)
    the WP media files says wp-content/uploads/
    the nextgen file says wp-content/gallery/

    will close the topic after this one!
    thanks again daft duke, where are the admin from WP and theme?, what would we do without people like you!
    anything i can do for you??

    Perhaps I misunderstood your intention.

    If you just want to add files that you have already uploaded into a NextGen gallery you can do so using NextGen’s ‘Import Folder’ feature…

    Gallery -> Add Gallery/Images -> Import Folder

    You should see the ‘Uploads’ folder and you can locate the folder you want to import.

    They won’t automatically go into NextGen when you upload via Media -> Add New

    not really,
    let me try to explain better

    to add images to my home page I can only do it via the Travel Lite theme option
    Appearance>theme option (i don´t have a NextGen gallery when in there)
    but so when i click on the upload through that theme option, it goes automatically in the WP media files and not the NextGen files.
    The WP media files won´t show the NextGen images.
    So this is why I thought by putting maybe, as you suggested, the same place for storing files for both the plugin and the WP media it would work, but not sure it does really…

    In other words I want the NextGen option to show when uploading images into the theme (preferably) or I want the NextGen images to show in the WP media files. I would like to be able to use NextGen for everything ignoring WP media files if possible, otherwise to EXPORT the nextgen files to WP media if my theme doesn´t allow me to pick directly from NextGen.

    sorry, hard to explain…

    I understand what you want to do now.

    NextGen is really designed to show galleries, rather than manage your media.

    It doesn’t show up when you try to add a new image to the front page through the theme options because you can only add a single image, not a gallery.

    So you’ll have to upload those through the WordPress Media library.

    Personally I would upload everything through the WordPress Media Library and then import the folders I want as galleries into NextGen – rather than directly into NextGen.

    I decided to go for NextGen because of the way it displays and uploads images, many more options, etc.
    THANK YOU!!!!

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