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  • I have tried seveal themes including Kubrick.

    None look right. Here are some issues:

    Second column is below posts.

    Images don’t line up.

    Header image is narrower than body.

    Background color does not appear rendering type unreadable to all but Superman.

    Header, footer, body out of alignment.

    I have decided that all these themes cannot be wrong. It must be me 🙂

    If you direct me to the W3C validator, please tell me what files I am to modify.

    I see there are many versions of WordPress. Do I have to find themes created specifically for version 2.01?

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  • You, amazingly, only have ONE error in your code (for validation purposes). Coolness.

    You have a closed P tag on line 151 – that’s not opened in the first place.

    The offending P tag is located at the bottom of your post titled “Colleen Reilly Tournament- Game 1. Saturday August 19. ” The end of that post look like so:

    <div>Second Half-</div>
    <div>5. Melissa (Jamie, Jessica) 10:42. Goalie- Caroline</div>
    <div />
    <div>Final Mass 5, TEYSA 0</div>
    <div />


    There’s your offending tag – you need to remove that.

    As for your sidebar dropping, that’s usually due to something being too wide for either yur content area, or in your sidebar. It could be an extra-long word, a long URL with no breaks, or an image that’s too wide.

    Hope that gets you started.

    Thanks for your reply. I corrected that p tag.

    I have resorted to modifying the classic theme, as it is the only one that does not push the sidebar to bottom. I am pleased with the result, and will continue to tweak.

    For any who find this post relevant, please visit the link below for dissection of a theme. This author writes clearly and concisely. Go through his tutorials and you will then be able to modify or create themes confidently:

    WordPress Theme Guide

    Unfortunatley, even following the tutorial, sidebar psuhed to bottom. You may have better experience.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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