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  • I have a strange problem with the “read more” feature and comment jump down. Technically they are working, but only for a split second and then the page moves to the middle of the comments list. If anyone can let me know what might be causing this or what I need to do to fix it would be greatly appreciated!

    A post where you can see the problem clearly:

    Main page:

    I promise, this is the last problem I need help with! Thanks so much.

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  • I didn’t see the glitch here (probably because the image is cached), but I have seen a similar one often enough.

    On the reasonable assumption that the user prefers not to wait for all the images to download before seeing the text, the browser starts to display the page as soon as it gets any content at all. If the <img> does not contain the image size explicitly, the browser will make a first draft of the page layout with a minimum-size placeholder for the image. If the image is bigger than that placeholder, everything below it must move down – but by then the browser has already scrolled the window to the desired anchor-point, so the adjustment for the image often shifts the desired content down out of view. (Hitting “enter” in the address bar puts it right again.)

    Explicit size fields in the <img> ought to prevent this, but I’ve never had occasion to test that solution.

    would that really make a difference when clicking the comment or more button?

    How would I check to make sure those sizes are in place? I upload the images directly into the post so I don’t deal with the code for them at all.

    The wierd part is that when you select “more” the page jumps farther down than it’s supposed to. when you select
    “comments” it ends up above where the comment field is.

    Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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