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  • I am using the theme VibrantCMS and I was editing the first “homepage” and I inserted the RSS widget as a test, and then removed it and added the recent posts widget, then removed it and put back the text field and I noticed a few items on the page were out of place. I’ve done this a few times trying to figure out something, but I’ve never had anything else on the page move. Does anyone know how to go about fixing it and why this happened?

    The website is

    I also have the BackupBuddy plug-in and considered restoring the website (I backed it up 4 days ago) but the executive director is away on leave and I do not know who the website host is, is there a way to determine the webhost?

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  • So it seems I have extra pages along the top of the screen, I have gone into the VibrantCMS theme options and then into the Navigation options and put in the page numbers for the pages that should not be appearing, they were all already listed, but I removed them all, saved and re-entered them all and still have had no luck. The additional pages still appear. I know this sounds theme specific but unfortunately I do not know the login information for the WooThemes website and I am waiting for a reply from WooThemes. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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