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  • Hello everybody!

    I’m running a small business in Croatia and recently I created web page for my business using WP. I have never done something like this before, so this is all new for me and there is huge amount of things that I don’t understand.
    I’m kind of “do it yourself” guy, so I want to learn all things that owner and administrator of little business web page needs to know. I’m not a computer genius, but I have some knowledge and what I don’t know, I’m able and willing to learn.

    So, my page is up, it’s not something special, but all important informations, pictures and stuff can be found there. Next step that I would like to make is, of course, to put my page high on search engines. In my business we produce and sell some stuff that isn’t common in my country and region, so my web page could be easily placed very high is search engines. And here my problems start. I installed “All in One SEO Plugin” to create meta description and meta keywords, but it didn’t work and meta description didn’t show beneath my web page name in search engines. Obviously, I haven’t done something.

    And now I wonder – what do I need to know to place my page high on search engines? I’m reading a lot of advices and articles on web but I don’t get any smarter, just more confused. Somebody is talking about HTML, tags and titles, other about source code etc. I don’t know a thing about HTML, I don’t know what HTML has to do with WP and lots of similar stuff, and that is not problem, if I need to learn it, I will, thats not the question.

    But I would like if somebody could tell where to start, what do I need to know to make my page visible. What to do, what to learn, in what direction to go. I have feeling that now I’m just running in circle and not doing anything that matters. So I desperately need some advice, some instructions what to do or what to learn or read. I’m not asking that someone show me how to make great web page. Just some short directions what to pay attention on. This would be very helpful and it would mean so much to me.

    I apologize for this long post, and I hope for some aswers.
    Thank you very much!

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