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    This so frustrating, I have been going in circles for 10+ hours trying to do a simple page that I would have had done in less than a minute in any other program.

    I transfer my document from word using the word paste box..I insert a picture in between the third and fourth lines….

    Everything that was centered is now out of place in the page editor….So then I carefully put every thing back in place and center it as wp refuses to simply let me use the center tab after I insert the pic. I get it so it looks perfect in the page editor….Then I view the page and every thing is all jumbled and not centered….And it is not because the sentences are too long and it is doing an automatic wraparound….I puposefully used short sentences so it would fit.

    So then insted of tranfering from word I enter everything manualy to the page and still get the same result.

    WordPress is great for the plugins but it appears to suck for the simplest of editing tasks….Any other program this wold have been less than a minute to do this….

    CAN ANYBODY HELP? I am puling my hair out and I don’t have much of that to lose!!!

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  • Hi,

    It’s probably your theme that isn’t configured properly. A good theme will set the WordPress editing area so it acts like a post page.

    If you don’t have a good CSS knowledge, I’d recommed to change to a better theme.

    If this doesn’t work, let us know.

    If this topic is solved, please mark it as “Resolved” on your right sidebar.


    Moderator kmessinger


    A url to the page in question? That way we can see the css, etc.

    And leave the hair alone!

    I have switched Themes…..

    The info I have up now is a compromise as I was trying to do anything to get this to work.

    This is the closet I have gotten it but you notice how there are random words that belong in paragraphs and as headlines at the top of the page…including the company name….

    24 hours ago I loved word press and this is probably the 12th site I have created with it…..However I have been trying to be more creative with it and it is holding me back….or my knowledge of how to work it is.

    Thank You

    It is driving me crazy….it should be a simple copy and paste job!

    Moderator kmessinger


    What you are seeing is a result of cutting and pasting from word. You can see all the word code if you view source. You can save the word doc as text and then paste and/or you can open the post in the html view and strip out the word code.

    Hmmmm ok I will see aht I can do…

    A day ago I loved wordpress…..Now it is a misserable thing!

    I cannot seem to do something so simple as make this site look good.

    I know what I want but it just is not working………..

    Pasting from Word is always asking for it. I always advise my clients against doing that, especially if you have Word formatting, like tables, lots of fonts, colors, stuff like that. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get crap.

    I had one client who pasted from Word, and there was so much invisible Word code in his post that it completely messed up his site.

    The only way it might work a little better is to use the “Paste From Word” button in the editor, the one with the little “W”. This can clean some of the Word excrement that is typically there. If that doesn’t work, then chances are you have so much formatting in your Word page that you’ll need to reformat it to get it to work.

    Moderator kmessinger


    All right! Looking good! No Word code present.

    Thanks I still have one page to fix but I am almost ready to launch…

    Thank you…At leats now I know. I went in circles trying to figure it Out!!!

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