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  • Okay, I have two questions.

    I am looking to make a post or a page, doesn’t matter which (probably a page would make more sense).
    I only want the content of the page to show up in a little box on my front page.
    I have different tradeshows I attend, and I would like for the information to be readily available on the front page, as well as easily changeable for me, maybe a plugin can help me with this?

    My second issue is, I would like to have one template for only my front static page, and a different template for all the other interior pages and posts.
    Any clue how to do this?

    I am still learning how to make my first template, but I don’t think it will be too big of an issue, have been doing web work for a number of years.

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  • For the first part, it sounds like having a post excerpt, as normal, on your home page would do what you’re asking. Of course I may be misunderstanding you.

    To create a template, copy and rename page.php. At the top of the new file put:

    Template Name: Whatever

    You can then assign your static front page to have that template by going into edit mode and changing the template in the drop-down box. And of course you can redesign that template to your heart’s content.

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