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  • Hi,

    I use this CSS to hide the page header (with H1 inside) on my site :

    .page-header {
    display: none;

    And I add H1 directly on pages instead.

    Do you know if that way to do is still SEO friendly ?
    I heard that when you hide H1 its not detected anymore by Google, but I wonder if it works when you put it again on pages. Is that optmized to have two same H1, one display, the other one hidden?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • No, it’s not SEO friendly. Hiding chunks of your page using CSS is really not a good idea. Google sees that as cloaking and will penalise your site. The same thing goes with having multiple H1 tags on the page. You should only have one. Anything else should be a H2 or les.

    To really do this properly you should edit your theme’s header.php file (using a child theme of course!) so that you can make the HTML look how you want to without trying to use “tricks” to hide things in that way.

    Thanks a lot for this clear answer.

    I ve got another question.

    Can I remove

    <?php echo kadence_title(); ?>

    from page-header.php, put it inside page.php (for example), and still being SEO friendly ?

    Yes. The location isn’t quite as big a deal as it being on the page, but it should be on every page somewhere. Which template it is in doesn’t make a difference like that.

    Thank you !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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