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  • Is it possible to have the pages have a different URL than the posts? I want to have my pages structured like this:


    when my posts are structured like this:


    Any ideas?

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  • Currently there’s no way to provide a different permalink structure for Pages. But that aside, don’t they already work the way you’re trying to set them up? All my Pages (parent Pages, at least) are set up as virtual directories directly off of my blog’s.

    Yeah, they work as they are. I just wanted the posts to appear under the archives section. Maybe there is a way to modify the code of wp to do this. I’ll check into it.

    To the devs of the main wordpress: this is a feature that is worth looking into. I think so at least.

    Depending on how many pages you add and how often…couldn’t you simply edit the htaccess file manually?

    Over at my blog (, I have my pages set up to appear as virtual directories and my archives under the /archives/ virtual. If you just set up your permalink structure like so, it should work for you (I”m running


    Wow, thanks matt. I dont know how I missed that one? But that is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

    Hey, no problem! I had to spend some time to figure that one out, and I’m always happy to help with something another person in the community is having problems with when I’ve already had the same problem and fixed it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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