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  • I am using WP as CMS for several sites. I always use custom menus as direct navigation to all pages is not needed. The problem is that I end up with potentially hundreds of pages displayed in the pages admin of WP.

    Feature Request: Include a simple page grouping option in the WP Pages admin for easy viewing and easy search/find. Something as simple a color coding would be a good first step. But, ultimately having a way to drag and drop pages within specific groups would be immensely helpful.

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  • The problem is that I end up with potentially hundreds of pages displayed in the pages admin of WP.

    Just as an FYI, once you start getting up to hundreds of pages, you can have adverse impacts on your site’s speed.

    It’s touched on here:

    That is a good article. However, it misses the point of what I am asking for. I am not asking for a better/alternate permalink structure. I am simply asking for a system within the WP admin UI where I can group pages together for easy lookup.

    Use case would be a corporate website with a nav structure of:
    Products>Product #1>Product #2>Product #3 (then assume that each product has 5-10 independent supporting pages)
    Resources>Papers and Guides>Utility Downloads>Case Studies
    Support>Customer Support>Technical Support>Knowledgebase>Forums
    Company>About Us>News>Careers>Blog

    At a minimum this site will have 100 pages – those in the primary nav and then those which support the subjects listed in the primary nav.

    When I enter the WP Dashboard>Pages all pages are listed in a single column view. I would like to be able to drag and drop pages into groups that would not effect their designated permalink structure.

    I get what you’re asking for, and I wasn’t answering it I admit. I was letting you know that when you get a lot of pages, you can HURT your site.

    Honestly, if I was building your site, I’d probably make Custom Post Types for each product and sort them that way, or use categories and tags instead.

    I appreciate your suggestion about CPTs.

    However, despite the tips you are providing I am specifically interested in this becoming an added feature to the WP Admin. Whether the site has 100 pages or simply 10 pages – having the ability to group pages within the admin would be helpful.

    That’s fine 🙂

    Did you happen to search the plugin database? I found this which MAY be something like what you’re looking for:

    Yes. I’ve tried that plugin as well as “Admin Menu Tree”. Both plugins are similar – but neither of them allow me to customize my groupings and neither of them are drag and drop.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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