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  • I would like to display a grid which links to specific different pages (all under the parent page) as a visual menu. I would also like to be able to filter the grid by either day of the week and/or type (e.g. children, social).
    I am using the “Category to Pages WUD” plugin and I have tagged the pages with the taxonomy I would like to filter by but I have not been able to find a plug in or theme which gives me the ability to get any further.
    This website is early in development and has not yet gone live with the domain. I could change the theme as long as it is still responsive and I am happy to add any plug ins as long as they are GDPR compliant. I have never used portfolio before but if that is a way to do it I could learn.
    Any ideas on how I generate the linkable grid which can be filtered?

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  • Moderator Jose Castaneda



    It could just be me but what exactly are you trying to achieve? A portfolio or a page of links?

    Are you able to share an example of what you are looking to do?

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