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Page goes 404 when using %postname% permalink

  • Okay, the subject does not cover my entire problem. 🙂

    I have been busy trying to get Ultimate Tag Warrior going and I stumbled upon something odd-ish.

    At some point during the installation you have to make a page that uses the template of UTW. I can do that, being a WordPress veteran. 😉

    However! WP fails to find the page I have created if I use the url it is supposed to use with the permalink option I use: %postname% which I think should be: http://strikdiploma.nl/tags. It does work when using the WP default permalinks: http://strikdiploma.nl/?page_id=366.

    How can I get my WP installation set up to be able to use pages normally with a funky %postname% permalink setting? 🙂

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  • No cigar?

    Anyone got a rational answer for this – I have a similar problem: when I configure for /%postname%/ I get 404 errors. What else need to be done apart from making that config change?

    Another person with the same problem 🙁 Works fine on other blogs on the server so it isn’t an apache problem

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