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  • The full formatting/layout of my pages seems to be getting eaten/vanishing. Whatever is entered in the visual editor is ignored. Possibly a CSS issue? and isolated to the theme.

    Using WP E-commerce as the main plugin.
    As a side note, most pages (but not the wp e-c pages that came with the plugin/theme) are getting posted without headers, and with a date timestamp displayed, making them look like posts, no matter what page attribute template I chose for the page, it doesnt seem to change this.

    For example the page – The paragraphs inputted in the admin section (which are still visible in both visual and html edit mode after posting), are not at all visible on the live page.

    How can I correct the formatting issue, and get the headers back?

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  • I can see and read

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    Can also see the <header> in you code. Unless I’ve miss understood it all appears to be displaying fine

    Have a look again (I did have the formatting hard coded in via the HTML editor page), but reverted it back to the formatted via the visual editor (which is being saved, but being ignored in the live post), to try and resolve this issue.

    Also, in regards to the headers I meant the headings for the individual post/page heading title (h2 etc)


    ok, I can see a paragraph with a couple of bold items, no headers though.

    A couple of things I would suggest:
    1. Make sure you have the latest version of WP. An older version (can’t remember which one, but sure someone on here will know). made all the html code disappear when flicking from visual to html view.

    2. I am correct in guessing that you type in for example <h2>Title</h2> but then when you publish the page, the word Title appears in regular text and not <h2> format?

    To me it just looks like you need to add some styles. But depends on what (if any div you have surrounding your content with your page template).
    Firstly what template are you using for this page (default template?).
    If it is then look under, appearance -> editor. within the admin pannel, page.php is the default template file used for pages. is the loop, contained within a div?

    Is so you’ll need to add styles for the headers within you styles sheet, or add a div to contain the loop.
    Sorry if this is off the subject or I’ve miss understood.. again..

    EDIT: looks like there is a class of grid_12 surrounding the content

    1. It is the latest 3.2.1, and the formatting is not lost between switching between visual/html, or saving. It is still there if I edit now, just not displayed on the live page. But the visual version still keeps everything as is. strange. SO I think it could be some breaking of loops etc, or a template issue. Is there an easy way to test the code? Is the w3c validator good enough (it showed nothing major for me), or does such testing need to be done server side?

    2.Hard coding an h2 in to the post content area does work as it should.
    Yes, I think the headings issue may be the templates, and would be the logical answer. Will have a more in depth look in to that.

    I think the general issue is that it is probably all to do with the templates, Im just not sure why anyone would create a template/style that ignores the visual editor? or if its some kind of bug or just broken code.

    if you can. put up the code in your page.php here, so we can have a look

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