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  • I had installed Page Flip Image Gallery and was not able to get it to properly work with my theme.

    I deactivated the plugin and set the prjoect aside.

    On Nov 14th, my site worked fine.

    On Nov 15th, an error appeared on the top of my hompage about an error in the Page Flip Image Gallery plugin on line 645?

    I could not get into wp-admin…I could not get into my host server…

    I contact my host server company and we removed the plugin from the plugin directory and my site was able to launch. However, I was still unable to enter the wp-admin or cpabel for my host server.

    Eventually, my hostserver was able to track down the problem which related to the plugin creating a file or directory named

    image magic matt 42 magic-xxHQ8bu

    which “used up” necessary space and memory to allow my site to operate properly.

    Once the file or directory was deleted, everything went back to working noramally.

    I like the idea and feature described in the Page Flip Image Gallery.

    Has anyone else encountered this same problem…and if so, discovered a solution?

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