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  • We’ve got this web site that’s been up for many months. Suddenly, a page that is edited often with new content is not saving any changes. We edit content, click save, and it takes us back to Page Management, tricking us into thinking it saved the edits. But, it really hasn’t saved anything at all.

    Is there some sort of maximum-edits-allowed setting? What could be wrong here?

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  • no maximum allowed edits or anything like that.

    could be a browser cache. force a refresh to see if the content changes. It could be other things, but let’s rule this one out first.

    It’s definitely not browser cache. The problem is consistent across different computers and different browsers.

    What else have you in mind?

    dressedinvalue, is the new content being saved and not being displayed, or is it not saving the changes at all?

    Because I’m having a sort-of similar problem — all of a sudden, any new static page that I create appears to be created — my page management dohicky tells me that it is — but when I pull up the page, my ‘not found’ error information is dispayed. But when I go back to edit the broken page, all of the information I put on it is still there. I’m thinking that if your content is being saved but not displayed, if I find something on my search for a fix, I can maybe help you out too.

    use phpmyadmin to browse the database and see if your edits are actually there or not.

    I’m new to this, but I can’t edit a page and get it to save. I keep getting the popup box that says that if I save with “Okay” I will lose my edit. And I do. How in the name of heavens does one edit a page to get rid of the canned WordPress text?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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