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  • Having issues with the static page editor.

    None of the advanced options work. I wanted to set up a sub-page, so I clicked on the page parent option. Nothing. The bar won’t open regardless of how I where I click on it. In fact, none of the advanced options (other than the page revisions). The problem does not exist in the post editor – everything seems to work just fine there.

    I tried disabling all of the plugins that might have an effect, but nothing changed.

    Help? Suggestions?

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  • I did a bit more testing. When I first noticed the problem I was using Firefox. The problem exists in IE7 as well.

    When I pull up “view source” on the page I see the select/options for the existing pages (as well as the text for other options that don’t work). But, whatever is supposed to be happening, JS or CSS?, is not.

    Is there an alternative admin theme I could download?

    Is your theme activated?
    The other day I wanted to change something in my .php files but was not able to get into them because my theme suddenly was deactivated.

    Yes, the theme is activated.

    Probably the following link would provide you the solution. Check out…

    The editor itself seems to work ok. It’s the advanced options that won’t display (you know, the dropdown lists of authors, page parents, etc). So, I’m not sure what this will do for me. I’ll try it and see.

    Well, installing the fckeditor didn’t change anything. Like I noted in my previous post, it seems to be the “Write Page” page itself. But, thanks for trying…

    So, I need to be able to create parent pages and sub-pages, but until this is resolved, I can’t. Is it possible to go back to 2.5.1?

    You’re lucky… WordPress, the most stable of all CMS programs, now crashes on me when I log into the admin with 2.6

    I cannot access it at all. 🙁

    I have never faced that. Sorry I don’t have any answer…

    Where do I actually report a bug to the developers?


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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