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  • Page Edit Screen is showing OLD Revision content in the content editor box, while on the frontend the Page still correctly shows the LATEST content. This has only started happening recently.

    We can edit the wrong content and paste in the correct, latest content, and the Edit Screen will correct itself after clicking Update. Or, when using the Duplicate Posts plugin, we can clone the page, and the cloned page will NOT have the problem of showing an old revision in the Edit Screen.

    But these aren’t satisfactory solutions for our client, and they don’t actually stop the problem from happening on other Pages.

    We’ve tried updating WordPress (from 4.5 to 4.5.3) and making sure all plugins are up-to-date. We have not loaded any new plugins around the time of this problem happening.

    There is nothing on the internet or Support pages that we can see that deals with this problem, which is very rare. In 5 years this is the first time I’ve ever needed to post to WordPress Support.

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    So everyone else gets their Support questions answered but me?

    What’s so special about everyone else’s problems?

    Actually, what’s anyone’s motivation to help anyone? I wouldn’t respond to me either.

    Thanks for nothing, WordPress. Your post Revision system is screwed up, and now I have angry clients.

    We have the same. Meanwhile with 4.6.1, but the issue is there for about 2 months. What i found out, it happens only when the load is rather high and if the post is longer the bug is more likely to happen.

    To describe it again:
    – for have post revision 1
    – edit post
    – click update
    – revision 1 again is shown in the editor, rev2 is shown in the frontend

    I am not affiliated with the other guy. I would be happy to debug this, i have no plugins running that interfere with the edit post page. Sadly i can not reproduce this on the testserver atm. Thanks!

    I’ve been having the same problem with this post for over 24 hours:

    Any help (from anyone) is appreciated.

    Update 1: Within 20 minutes of posting this comment, the problem spontaneously disappeared.

    Update 2: It occurs to me that I turned on SSL just over 24 hours ago. I wonder if that is related to the problem’s recent appearance and dissappearance.

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    I’m having the same issue. Under revisions it shows the latest version and on the front end too, but not in the editor. I can’t just copy and paste the code from revisions because it’s in 2 columns. I can’t edit my content!

    This has been going on for 24+ hours now, anyone find anything?

    Same here. This just recently started on one of my client’s sites as well. All Pages are exhibiting this behavior, except for the page I made today. I’ve been trying things for hours, but no luck.

    WP 4.7.3

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