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[Resolved] Page doesn't load anymore

  • Hi,

    i have a problem with your spreadplugin.

    If i place the shortcode into a new page, i can’t load the page any more (same problem with articles).

    There’s no difference between using the minimal shortcode or the extended shortcode… if i try to load the (frontend) page i just get a blank (white) screen, the page is loading on and on and finally i get an error: connection refused.

    Shod IP and API Keys are correct.


    Something special: If i try to load the page, the wohle domain get’s blocked in my browser. i have to wait approx. 5 minutes till my browser resets and i get access to the page again (or i switch browser, then i dont have to wait). im usin the latest versions of ff, chrome, opera and safari.

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  • My Shortcode (API and Secret removed):

    [spreadplugin shop_id=”563258″ shop_locale=”de_DE” shop_api=”xxx” shop_source=”net” shop_secret=”xxx” shop_limit=”10″ shop_category=”262825″ shop_subcategory=”” shop_social=”1″ shop_enablelink=”0″ shop_productcategory=”” shop_sortby=”” shop_linktarget=”” shop_checkoutiframe=”2″ shop_designershop=”” shop_display=”0″ shop_designsbackground=”0″ shop_showdescription=”0″ shop_imagesize=”190″ shop_showextendprice=”0″ shop_zoomimagebackground=”#FFFFFF” shop_design=”” ]

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    Hi pmcm,

    please let me know your URL


    Hi Thimo,

    Main URL: http://www.baby-cool.de

    The page i try to load with ur plugin: http://www.baby-cool.de/spreadshop/


    PS: If u need API and Secret i can send u an email. Just give me ur email adress.

    Update: Made a test on several wordpress installations and i get the same error on all of em.

    #Update 2:
    It seems to be a problem with the shop id. if i create a new shop and change the id, it works. maybe 1292 products are too much?

    Ok it definitely seems to be a problem based on the number of products within a category. If i change shop_category to a category with less products, it works. Is there a product limit in your plugin?

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    Hi pmcm,

    yeah you’re right. More than 1000 products bring up some errors, but I didn’t know if it’s the wordpress cache or the spreadshirt api.

    But it’s better than to use the iframe method 🙂


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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