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  • After login using the Sidebar Login, I need to either refresh the page or navigate to another page before it will recognize the successful login. The form submission obviously does not initiate the DOM to be reloaded. I’ve noticed this has been an issue for others in the past, but have not found a fix.

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  • I’m having exactly the same issue as well since the update the other day.

    You still getting this issue “the beat”?

    I have the same issue on my site:

    I recently installed W3 Total Cache, maybe it has something to do, I’ll disable it to check.

    I also have installed W3 total cache recently as well.

    I disabled W3 Total Cache last night and it made no difference.

    Sidebar Logon is still intermittently working.

    I think W3TC was my problem. I deactivated page caching and it seems to work now…

    I’m experiencing the same problem of login widget area not refreshing after a successful login. I do use W3 Total Cache, but I don’t want to diasble the whole caching plugin simply to make this work. Is there any other way of refreshing the widget or the whole page after login? Please and thank you. 🙂

    I have same problem. Older versions worked, but now no. I need CTRL+F5 for logged status. 🙁
    I don’t use W3TC on my site, and no any cache manager, but this login not working. I will search other widget if this will not correctly.
    Tried install, enable, then disable and uninstall W3TC, but not solved my problem. 🙁
    I use Custom Login widget instead of this, sorry.

    I am having the same issue with and without cache turned on.

    Anyone find a solution yet?

    Same issue, with W3TC (but also same issue when the plugin is completely disabled)…

    Wow, I’m almost glad (sorry guys and girls) that it’s not just me!

    I have the same issue after upgrading to wordpress 3.7.1

    Having the same issue – on a main page login code I added. Need to force hard refresh and then it’ll show the content it’s supposed to. Anyone have suggestions? Not using caching.

    The problem is inside the way this plug-in redirects login pages. This reaction gives a small, but ugly fix.

    If you leaf the option for the ‘wich page’ to redirect to empty, your browser thinks it loads the same page, and so uses its own cache. But we leaf this option empty in the widget to redirect to current page.

    If you change this option from empty to a fixed page, the sidebar login works. But there by, leaving a important option, and main feature of this widget unable to use.

    Fast ugly fix
    Use another page (e.g.: /) to redirect to in the widget option.

    Author fix suggestion
    Make sure that when you redirect to the current page, you give the browser/header the option to force new page. Also you can add a variable in the GET header with a random number to make sure caching doesn’t match the url, and the browser thinks it needs to get a new page.

    Fix for us:

    Open sidebar-login.php
    Add on line 126 (above $secure_cookie and bellow $redirect_to on a new line:

    //cheks if ? already excists in url
    if (strpos($redirect_to,’?’) !== false) {
    $redirect_to .= “&random_cach_fix=”.rand(1,999999999999);
    } else {
    $redirect_to .= “?random_cach_fix=”.rand(1,999999999999);

    This works for us.

    Hey Mortydot thanks for posting this fix. Very much appreciated.

    Is there a way to cycle back to a clean url?
    Not appended with “/?random_cach_fix=414272794612”

    Do you know if a fix will be incorporated into a future plugin update?

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