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    This so far is the most advanced tree that I have found online. I would have switched to another one, but there isn’t any as good. That is why I need some help in the fix.

    I am using the D-tree categories. As soon as i use it on the side bar and open the page, it doesnt load. I only see the tree menu on the top left of the page without the css. the rest of the page is blank white. It loads if I refresh or hit enter again. It never loads on the first attempt. Any idea whats wrong with this?

    here is the link:

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  • After weeks of looking into the matter and no support anywhere I have found out the reason:

    It redirects to wyciwyg page. WYCIWYG is an acronym that stands for What You Cache Is What You Get, commonly displayed in the address bar of Gecko-based Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox as wyciwyg:// when the Web browser is retrieving cached information.

    This is not because of firefox because it is happening everywhere. I am still unsure about the solution to it maybe anyone can help me here.


    Plugin Author ulfben


    I have found out the reason:
    It redirects to wyciwyg page.

    No you haven’t, and no it doesn’t.

    Your page has so many errors and faults it’s difficult to know where to even begin. You can likely sort your site out if you follow this trouble shooting instruction for my other plugin. Note: the fault is not with WP-dTree, but by following those instructions you should sort out most of the problems with your page. They’re pretty universal.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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