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  1. guydor
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    I have a page named "projects" at the url [mydomain.com/projects]

    I also want to create a folder named "projects" at my hosting server in order to place there some subfolders associated with my projects, for example:

    Page projects at [mydomain.com/projects]

    Folder projects on same directory

    Sub-Folder project name under [mydomain.com/projects] ---> [mydomain.com/projects/myproject

    I tried to create a projects folder, if I navigate to [mydomain.com/projects] I can view my projects page created under WordPress (Good!)

    but if I'm trying to navigate to [mydomain.com/projects/myproject] I receive a blank page and not the [index.html] inside the /myproject directory

    Any solution for that?


  2. You don't want to make 'folders.' A mix of real WP pages and folders is something that can mess things up easily, especially since you CAN do all this inside WP with pages and sub-pages.

    You may want to use Custom Post Types instead of Pages, though, if you plan on a LOT of projects. You can make a type for 'Projects' and then name the posts in that type whatever you want.

    domain.com/projects (a CPT with an archive page)
    domain.com/projects/myproject (a CPT post)

    and so on and so forth :)

  3. guydor
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thank you very much for your help!

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